Master Blockchain Fundamentals — Gain the Proficiency to Kickstart Your Career Today

Even If You Know Nothing About Cryptography, Blockchain Networks, or Smart Contracts
(This Training is Tailored for Mid-to-Senior Level Java Developers)

This program is for you if:

  • You’ve reached the salary ceiling in your current company and are looking to transition to a better job.
  • You’re tired of writing your 549th CRUD and front-end form to fill it.
  • You want to deeply understand how blockchain works.
  • You’re at the beginning of your journey.
  • You enjoy learning through practical exercises.
  • You need contact with someone who can answer your questions and address your doubts.
  • You don’t have the time or ability to search for everything on your own.
  • You’re encountering projects that use blockchain at work and need to know what you’re doing.

This program is not for you if:

  • You’re more familiar with blockchain than your pocket.
  • After reviewing the program content below, you conclude you’ll be bored because you already know everything.
  • You implement your own blockchain solutions daily at work without any issues.
  • You make PRs to white papers with corrections to official ETH/BTC documentation.
  • You’re not willing to invest time in independent work, such as completing homework assignments.

About Your Instructor

I was fortunate enough to join a team developing a new Ethereum client (Mantis) around December 2016. (I’ve been working as a programmer since 2010). During this project, I learned from scratch how blockchain works, as well as the underlying mechanisms of smart contracts, network, and other components. I had to learn this if I wanted to be a part of the project.

It cost me some stress and a lot of time.
Using this knowledge, I’ve developed this course to save you stress and time. This is the exact training I wish I had at the beginning of my work with blockchain.
From what I’ve observed, even official materials such as white and yellow papers can contain errors that can cause frustration, for instance: my correction to the Ethereum documentation [link].

Testimonial from a Participant of the First Edition:

Was it worth the purchase? Definitely. Even if I didn't use the knowledge immediately, I now have a resource I can return to for a refresher, complete with up-to-date information. I see vast potential in this technology and I aspire to contribute to its development.
Every trainee gets to implement individual elements that, later in the course, enable them to create their own blockchain. The training is perfectly structured, and Adam's knowledge and teaching skills make it the best source of blockchain technology information I've found in the Polish market.
Your passion inspired me to delve deeper into blockchain-related topics. I've started tinkering with my own projects, particularly involving smart contracts, and I've even managed to monetize them. The training cost has already paid for itself several times over, and we're not even halfway through!
I participated in the first edition of Adam's training, and I highly recommend it if you have the time and desire to understand the nuances of Ethereum. The smart contracts segment will open your mind to new ideas and blockchain applications. The training is practical, and the examples make it incredibly engaging. I believe it will be money well spent.

What Will I Get from the Training?

You Will Participate in a 9-Week Program

9 weeks of training. I'll guide you from the very beginning to become a Blockchain Developer. You'll gain practical knowledge that will help you start working with blockchain technology. []

You'll Understand the Risks

An improperly implemented solution can cause more harm than good. You'll learn what types of attacks are possible and how you can safeguard against them.

You'll Receive Support Throughout the Program

If you need any clarification about the materials or if anything is unclear, you can always ask in the group or during a live session.

You'll Meet Like-minded Individuals

One of the biggest advantages of this program. You'll meet other participants who, like you, are interested in blockchain technology.

You'll Join a Reading Club After Completing the Training

You'll gain access to continuous development through reading new cryptography and blockchain white papers. After completing the training, you can join the reading club, where we meet and share interesting findings from our readings.

You'll Learn How to Integrate with Smart Contracts at the Application Level

The training will teach you how to utilize libraries for integration (examples in Java).

You'll Gain the Foundations to Design Your Own Solution

After going through the training, you'll have the fundamentals needed to verify an idea and prepare a Proof of Concept based on blockchain.

You'll Join a Mastermind Group

If you're interested in a particular topic, you'll have the opportunity to discuss it with a group of individuals who share your interests. What is important, the group is hosted on a dedicated platform.

You'll Learn Where to Apply the Technology

Blockchain isn't a golden hammer for everything. You'll learn where it's useful and where it's better to avoid it.

You'll Write and Implement 3 Smart Contracts (Including One That Uses an Oracle)

During the program, you'll write and implement 3 smart contracts: a simple 'Hello World', your own ERC20 token, and a smart contract that uses the ChainLink oracle (all for free on the ETH test network).

You'll Develop Your Skills

You'll gain knowledge that will help you evaluate whether blockchain is a good idea for a particular project.

You Could Find a Better Job

Many companies offer positions where familiarity with this technology is a requirement. There are even websites dedicated to collecting such job offers. For example:

You'll Get Everything in One Place

From zero to hero, in the form of videos with examples and homework. You won't have to waste time searching and testing everything yourself.

You'll Participate in Three LIVE Meetings

In addition to asking questions in real-time on the group, you'll participate in three LIVE meetings where I will answer your questions.

Training Program

Chapter 1 – SHA3 i AES

  • SHA3 using hash in blockchain and in other use cases
  • AES symmetric encryption and where you can use it
  • Key Derivation Function (KDF) – how to securely generate keys for encryption
  • Practical assignments using Java will reinforce these essential cryptographic skills.

Chapter 2 – ECC, ECDSA and lattice

  • ECC asymmetric cryptography – where you can use it
  • how to establish a shared secret with ECDH
  • Combine ECC and AES to get a secure communication channel
  • ECDSA – digital signatures, including example of how to break it
  • Lattice-based crypto, a post-quantum crypto technique
  • Java-based homework will help solidify these learnings.

Chapter 3 – Transaction ⇒ Block ⇒ Blockchain

  • How transactions work in ETH and BTC, along with an example of ETH code.
  • The methods of securing transactions with cryptography
  • concept of blocks in the blockchain, and how they are linked to form a chain.
  • The “state of the world” what it is and its necessity.
  • Put this knowledge into practice with Java-based homework.

Chapter 4 – Networking

  • A concept of a node in a network, including what nodes do and how they talk to each other.
  • Build your own functioning blockchain node with Java and Docker.
  • The concept of multiple networks in the same blockchain.
  • How to integrate with a blockchain network node.
  • To apply what you’ve learned, your Java homework will involve writing an integration with an ETH node.

Chapter 5 – Consensus

  • Consensus algorithms:
    Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, along with their variations as used in Ethereum and Cardano respectively.
  • Proof of Authority and a brief overview of other consensus algorithms.
  • To reinforce these concepts, your Java homework will involve implementing your own Proof of Work consensus.

Chapter 6 – Smart contracts - basics

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the concept of smart contracts.
  • The Lifecycle of a smart contract and its operational model.
  • To solidify your understanding, your homework will involve implementing a simple Java-based smart contracts system.

Chapter 7 – Smart contracts - examples

  • Essential tools for EVM-based development like Remix IDE, Metamask, and faucets.
  • Creating your first smart contract with Ethereum (Hello-ETH) using Remix and integrating it with Java server-side.
  • ERC-20 token using Remix and its Java server-side integration.
  • Oracles – Chain Link oracle integration with, Remix, and Java server-side.
  • For practical application, your homework will be to write and deploy your smart contract on the Ethereum test network.

Chapter 8 – Anomalies and Attacks

  • Deep dive into various types of attacks and blockchain anomalies that you have to be aware of.
  • Risks in the areas of cryptography, consensus mechanisms, nodes, and smart contracts.

Chapter 9 – Use cases

  • Integration of smart contracts with other applications, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how they interact.
  • The training concludes with a summary that ties together all the knowledge you’ve gained.

Bonus 1: Live sessions

You will be able to participate in live sessions to discuss topics from the training and anything related to blockchain technology and cryptography

Bonus 2: Reading club

Upon completing the training, you’ll have the opportunity to join our reading club. Here’s how it works:

  • We select a whitepaper that everyone reads before our meeting.
  • Then, during our LIVE meeting, we engage in discussions about the intriguing aspects of the white paper we’ve read.
  • This allows for continuous learning and sharing of insights.

Bonus 3: Additional materials

  • Source materials for the lessons.
  • Additional recordings from the live sessions
  • a glossary of terms and acronyms.
  • Support for your homework and mentorship through our forum.
  • This comprehensive support will ensure you have all the resources you need for success.

Chapter 7 lesson 8 (oracles):

Chapter 2 lesson 5 (breaking ECDSA):

Satisfaction Guarantee

The program is designed to guide you from the beginning to a point where you’ll have the fundamentals for designing your own solutions.

This is the program I wish I got a few years ago, to save myself a ton of time googling for the correct answers.

But it may happen that for some reason this material will not suit you.

That’s why you have 14 days for a full refund, no questions asked. You have two weeks to check if it’s really what you expect, if not, I’ll refund all your money.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Program include Library X?

Libraries will be used only for cryptography and writing/integrating smart contracts. That's because it's safer this way. Beyond these instances, you won't need other libraries in the training.

Will I learn Solidity?

This course is not about Solidity. You will learn the basics needed to understand and implement contracts from audited and tested libraries, such as OpenZeppelin.

Until when can I enroll?

For now, enrollment is open, but there is a max limit of participants

When does the program start and how long does it last?

When you are ready 🙂 This is the 4th edition of the training, from what I see, it usually takes 9 weeks to complete the training, spending a few hours per week

What if it's not for me?

You have 14 days to return the program for any reason. You'll receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.

What does the content look like?

Each week, you'll go through video lessons. If a lesson includes source code, you'll have the option to download the code in a zip file. Most weeks will end with a homework assignment.

Will I receive a proper invoice?

Yes, your purchase is full handled by

Will I get access to the entire course at once?

YES. The training is fully produced, once you join you have access to all the chapters and bonuses.

Will I get the source code of presented examples?

Yes, the source code for the examples will be available for download under the video of a specific lesson.

Which blockchains does the course cover?

The program does not focus on specific implementations but showcases parts of the blockchain that are common to most solutions. Specific implementations of blockchain elements are discussed using Bitcoin and Ethereum as examples.

What programming languages will be used in the course?

Java – examples of using cryptography/integration with smart contracts. Solidity – writing smart contracts.

How long do I have access to the course?

You pay for 1 year access to all the materials, updates, live sessions and support

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  • Training program that will kick-start your career as blockchain developer
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Support with homework assignment


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  • Join reading club after you finish the training
  • Additional materials


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